VHP criticises Rahul Gandhi for 'intemperate' language against PM

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New Delhi, July 17: Criticising Rahul Gandhi for using "intemperate" language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, VHP on Friday said it does not augur well for democracy.

The Hindu outfit said that the Congress leader had become a "liability" for his own party and his conduct was also blunting the Opposition attack against the government. It warned that use of such language against Modi had proved counterproductive for Congress in the past.

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VHP criticises Rahul for comments

Objecting to Rahul's remarks after he attacked the Prime Minister saying people will reduce his "56-inch chest to 5.6 inches", the VHP said the Congress leader has no right to be in politics.

"Maintaining decorum is important in public and political life. He should adopt restraint and be civilised. He should abstain from using such language. "One who does not understand this much has no right to be in politics. Use of such language does not augur well for India's democracy," VHP's joint general secretary Surender Jain said.

He said people of India have not approved use of such language and words. Whenever the Congress leaders have used such harsh words for Modi, it has proved "counter-productive", he said.

"He has become a liability for the Congress. If Congress wants to move forward, it would be better for it to free itself from Rahul Gandhi. If Congress has to see its "acchhe din", then it should get rid of him the soonest," Jain said.

VHP said the Congress leader has no right to be in politics

"While his mother has used the words 'maut ka saudagar' for Modi, another Congress leader has used words like 'chaiwallah' and made fun of him (Modi). Whenever such words are used for Modi, he has emerged stronger. Use of such words has proved as a 'Sanjeevani' for Modi," the VHP leader said.

Jain said it seems when Rahul is angry and is in a hurry to prove something new, he does such "absurd" and "childish" things. "He is the same person who earlier tore the Ordinance of his own Congress government," he said.

On the remarks against Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, he said, "One should not use such words for a woman." By doing such things, he is blunting the opposition attack against the BJP too, Jain said.

Rahul had hit out at Vasundhara Raje government over her links with Lalit Modi, charging that the Rajasthan government was being run by the ex-IPL boss through remote control from London.


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