Vendetta politics rules the roost: Blind man faces job loss after taking on Ajit Pawar in polls

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Mumbai, Nov 11: In politics, it is very common that one politician is being targetted by others. The vendetta politics rules the roost in politics, that we all know. But this incident tells how a heavyweight politician is casting shadow on poor impaired man's livelihood. The crime of the man is that he dared to take on the heavyweight politicians, having big clout.

The matter is of Maharashtra where a visually-impaired Manik Kadam took on political stalwart Ajit pawar from Baramati seat in recently held assembly election. Though he got defeat but that is not his real worry. His concern now is that he might lose his job.

According to a Mid day report, Kadam had been working as a lift attendant at Pune District Central Cooperative (PDCC) Bank since February, when he was hired by the former deputy Chief Minister of the State, Ajit Pawar .

On Sunday, the hapless fellow got informed by the the bank authorities that his service is no longer required. Giving the indirect hint that he(Manik) did a big mistake by taking on the NCP's big leader, a bank official in telephonic conversation said that he needn't to come to the bank from Monday onwards. He was also advised to meet Ajit Pawar who is Sharad Pawar's nephew.

As Kadam didn't get any official termination order, he went to the bank again on Monday. But he was snubbed by one of the bank official saying, "Why did you sign on the employee muster today? Whom did you ask before doing this? You behave as if you are an officer here".

Who is responsible?

Report says that the man who is sole breadwinner of whole family is diligent and hard working. One can understand his dedication for his job that he travels Baramati to Pune every day for the same.

Meanwhile, on asking whom he held responsible for this uncertainties at your job, Kadam doesn't put blame on Pawar. He said, "I know Ajit Pawar very well. He would never indulge in such dirty office politics. The top management of the bank has not asked me to stop working yet. It is only particular officials who are targeting me. But till I receive a written notice explaining the reasons for my dismissal, I will not stop working here".

Kadam in the same vein added that there are some particular bank officials who are ideologically loyal to the NCP. And for them it is very tough to digest that I dared to fight the election against mighty Pawar.

Contesting election is anyone's democratic right in our country. It is very unfortunate that a man who is known for his honesty and dedication is facing job uncertainty just because he fought against big political stalwart.

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