Valentine's Day: To check 'Love Jihad' Hindu Mahasabha searches for Christians, Muslims

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New Delhi, Feb 14: While youth in Delhi are celebrating love with red roses and colourful gifts on Valentine's Day Feb 14, a right-wing outfit has decided to prevent 'Love Jihad' in the national capital.

Right-wingers looking for minority boys?
Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has claimed that it will target mainly Muslim and Christian whom they suspect could go out on a date with Hindu girls as it is nothing but 'Love Jihad'. To prevent any such plans the outfit is taking support of Delhi's electoral list to identify Muslim and Christian boys and stop them from celebrating Valentine's Day with Hindu girls.

As per a report published in The Indian Express, Om Ji, the convener of the outfit who contested against Arvind Kejriwal, said that his party has "thoroughly examined" Delhi's electoral rolls.

"We have our own ways. We examined the electoral list to mobilise the Hindu vote during elections. This is a common thing. However, in the process, we systematically examined the number of Muslim and Christian men. We will use it on those who we suspect could sway our Hindu girls. This data is as accurate as even the census data. It is more accurate than even the data with the intelligence units," said the report.

Earlier on Friday, the group said their volunteers would have couples spliced up if found in an act of "indecent display of love" in public space.

With white roses in their hands, as many as 45 volunteers of the right-wing group would be on the prowl in parks, movie theatres, restaurants and other public places across the city with their target would be the couples expressing love for each other in three words 'I Love You' or found locked in an embrace, defined as "indecent" by Hindu Mahasabha president Chandra Prakash Kaushik.

Kaushik said his trained volunteers would accost such couples and teach them the "right" definition of love, persuading them to marry each other.

"We are not enemy of love. The indecent expression of love in public places is what we object to.

"Regardless of their caste, we want to facilitate the marriages of those couples who are unable to tie a knot because of parental pressure or any other reason," Kaushik told IANS.

Unfazed by the group's plan, 27-year-old Maswood Khan said nothing would withhold him from expressing love to his girlfriend on Feb 14.

"I'll take her for a long ride, then will give her a red rose bouquet and ask her 'Will you be my Valentine?' I don't care what Hindu groups plan to do. I am not doing anything wrong so I am not afraid of expressing my love," Khan told IANS.

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