#Presstitutes row: BJP distances itself from VK Singh's tweet; Cong demands his removal

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New Delhi, April 8: Union Minister General V K Singh on Tuesday caught in fresh controversy for describing media as ‘pressitutes.'

On Tuesday, Singh who is in Djibouti to oversee evacuation of Indians from Yemen during a press conference had said that the evacuation operation is less exciting than going to the Pakistani embassy.

VK SIngh

And when social media started commenting about the remark, former Army chief later in night tweeted, "Friends what do you expect from presstitutes." Adding that last time the TV anchor thought there was 'O' in place of 'E'.

Amidst controversy, VK Singh rubbishes reports of resignation

However, officials said the minister was being sarcastic and his comments were in reference to the media.

BJP distances itself from Singh's comment

Meanwhile, BJP has distanced itself from the controversial tweet of Singh, saying twitter is personal and not a party forum and the meaning of the tweet can best be explained by the person concerned.

"Twitter is a personal platform and not a party platform and the meaning of the tweet can best be deciphered by the person concerned," BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said.

His tweets evoked sharp reactions from political parties including Congress which said the comments were "deplorable" and showed his "insensitivity".

Amidst controversy, Gen VK Singh attends Pak National Day reception

Singh in ‘Pakistan National Day' controversy

Last month, former Army chief had raked up a controversy by tweeting that he was disgusted to attend the Pakistan National Day celebration.

He tweeted with the hashtag "DISGUST" following a controversy over his attending the Pakistan Day celebrations in the country's high commission here.

Attending Pakistan Day celebrations: 'Disgusted' VK Singh tweets

Singh, who attended the party for just a few minutes, said the Indian government had to send an MoS and he was asked to attend the programme which he did.

Singh later reacted to the controversy over his visit and said he was disgusted to see how a section of the media was twisting the issue.

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