He was wronged, but he forgave the officer who destroyed his source of income

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Lucknow, Sept 21: Forgiveness means no boundaries. And this 72-year old typist proves it. Krishna Kumar had a particular spot on the pavement outside the GPO where he types down documents in Hindi. While that was a routine, it was broken by a cop when he came and smashed his typewriter.

But help came soon in the form of Akhilesh Yadav, who asked senior officers to suspend the errant cop, sub-inspector Pradeep Kumar, and also provide Kumar with a new typewriter. Kumar, however, is still sad as he lost the machine that he loved and had an emotional link with.


"This typewriter helped me buy a house in Gomti Nagar's Viram Khand. He said,"I am glad that the government understood how valuable the typewriter is for me and decided to give me a new one. But since this is a new model, I still have to get accustomed to the hard keys. There have been anti-encroachment drives in the past as well, but no one misbehaved with me. Cops would politely ask us to vacate the place."

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Kumar, however, holds no grievances and has forgiven the cop already.

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He earns a meagre living off the typewriter, which amounts to Rs 50-100 per day. Things have become even more difficult after everything became computerised.

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"Nowadays, sometimes I get a customer or two but on some days not even a single customer turns up. Several people quit typing and stopped coming to GPO, which was once a hub of typists. But I couldn't imagine quitting this profession," he added.

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