UP: Meet a Muslim man who left his wife for a herd of cows

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Lucknow, Mar 21: This incident will definitely be an eye opener for all those vigilante who unnecessarily target Muslim groups on the allegation of consuming beef. A unique incident has come to light where a Muslim man left his wife over his love for cows.

The incident is of Uttar Pradesh's Eawah town. Accordng to a TOI report, when 55 year old Afaq Ali alias Munna's wife Afroz Jahan told him to choose between her and a herd of 14 cows, he went for later. Jahan who got married with Afaq in 2001, immediately left her husband after the incident.

UP: Muslim man leaves his wife for cows

Report says that villagers even tried to patch up between the two, but they didn't compromise and went for their own way. A non-vegetarian Afaq who sacrificied his happiness said that his love for bovine was greater.

Afaq who started cow rearing at the age of 15 was quoted as saying, "She used to quarrel with me every day for my obsession, asking me to sell the cows. My inner voice never allowed me to do so. I never regret my decision. I am at peace".

Afaq also said that he was also criticized for leaving his wife and for his obession for Bovine. "Villagers praises me for my love and devotion. But some relatives criticise me for what I did to my wife", Afaq Ali further said.

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