US willing to work with Modi if voted to power, visa not an issue

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Narendra Modi
Washington, Nov 8: Unlike populist belief that USA is unwilling to work with Narendra Modi and that his Visa to America would be under scanner, the country today cleared all air about its opinion of Narendra Modi. Official sources say that if BJP is voted to power and Modi becomes the PM, USA would not have any qualms in working with him and that the bilateral relationship is to continue with despite poll results.

"We will work with the leader of the world's largest democracy. There is no question about that," a senior US official said on asking about the possibility of changing equations within the Indian politics. He further added that the dismissal of the Visa was a non-issue and was media-hyped. "Visa issue is a media creation. He has to apply and we will review. He (Modi) has not applied (for a visa)," said the official.

On asking whether Modi nd BJP coming to power would be problematic for USA, the official said,"I think that the United States had a very strong relationship with the previous Indian government when it was under BJP leadership," the US official said. I think the relationship between the United States and India is an enduring one, it is a bipartisan in the United States, irrespective of who is in office. And we believe that (in a ) multiparty (system) in India that it is supported by all political parties, we expect that relationship to continue."

Another US official said," there is not a lot of angst about him (Modi) in the US Government, but it is believed that the Administration has decided to maintain the status quo on this issue for the very reason that it might be seen as an interference in the internal domestic polity of India." He further added that US would be working with any leader who is elected as the Prime Minister of India after the next years general elections.

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