US was not kept in the loop about the surgical strikes

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Bengaluru, Oct 12: When India's National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval spoke to Susan Rice, his counterpart in the United States of America, on Sept 29 many had speculated that she was informed about the surgical strikes. However, during that conversation, there was no mention made about the strike, sources confirm.

During the conversation Susan Rice expressed concern about cross border terrorism. Doval, however, did not inform her about the surgical strikes that had been carried out by India across the Line of Control (LoC). He only said that there may have been some military exercise.

US didn't know about the surgical strike

World has justified India's action

Prior to the surgical strikes being conducted, there were discussions on how the international community's reaction would be. Various factors were weighed in and finally it was decided that there was an urgent need to hit out at terrorists across the Line of Control.

During one such meeting it was said that India cannot continue to talk peace with Pakistan as per the directives of the international community. At every international forum the threat of terrorism is discussed.

Pakistan continues to take advantage that the international community always stepped in to ensure that tensions were not escalated. This time India decided to undertake this quick operation and decided that if there was an adverse reaction from the rest of the world, it would deal with it later.

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An official told OneIndia that there was no need to discuss this with the world. "We were sure of a successful operation and we were targeting terrorists and not the Pakistan army. We reserve the right to hit out at anybody posing a threat to our national security. We, however, did not expect any adverse reaction from the rest of the world. We were right and the world did stand with us on this issue," the official also said.

He further adds that there is no need to be subservient to anyone on such issues. "We have tried talking peace and have many times urged Pakistan to curb terrorism. However, they saw this as our weakness and did not expect us to hit," the official also adds.

"There is no doubt that this strike and the reaction of the world to it has given Pakistan plenty to think about," the officer also added.

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