Highlights of Narendra Modi's rallies in Bihar, Jharkhand

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Modi rallies in Bihar
Lohardaga (Jharkhand), March 27: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed four consecutive rallies on Thursday, March 27. While he addressed two rallies in Jharkhand, another two were held in Bihar. Massive security arrangements were in place as Maoists blew up mobile towers ahead of his rally in Bihar. Later ruckus took place at the venue of his rally in Gaya.  Here are the highlights of his rallies.

Highlights of the rally in Gaya, Bihar

Speaking at the Gaya rally, Narendra Modi criticised everyone. Starting from Sonia Gandhi-led UPA to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, everyone were slammed by the Gujarat CM.

Modi lashed out at the leaders who do not take prompt actions against terrorism in different states of the country. Modi said, "This land of Buddha has blood. The same land that gave message of peace to the world had blood. There should be no terrorism and terrorists must be punished but can those sitting in Delhi and Patna do this."

"Terrorism divide but tourism unite. Lakhs of tourists come to Bihar, inspired by Lord Buddha. And tourism gives opportunities to the poorest of the poor.After terror attack the arrival of tourists has dropped. Who gained? Their chair is saved but poor lost opportunities," said BJP's PM candidate while criticising Nitsh Kumar and his predecessor Lalu Prasad.

Modi also asserted that Congress and UPA ditched aam-aadmi of the people with its manifesto which Congress released on Wednesday.

Modi said, "In 2009, they had promised to bring down price rise in 100 days. This time again, they have made a similar promise. They are indulging in a new experiment of putting chilli powder in people's eyes."

"They had made promises even in 2004 and 2009. They had said that they will bring down prices and will provide job to one member of each family. Whether they gave you the jobs?" asked Modi while continuing his statement.

Speaking about several scams under UPA government, Modi said -- A to Z Congress is full of Corruption charges. A for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors scam. C for coalgate and the list goes on.

Modi reminded people Congress's promise of getting back black money stashed in foreign banks. He said,"Congress said that they will bring back illegal money but do you believe them? Did you bring a Rupee back in 10 years."

Highlights of the rally in Sasaram, Bihar

Taking potshots at sitting MP Meira Kumar, Narendra Modi said that the condition of Sasaram was very bad even though a very powerful MP from the region was the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

Hitting out at Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Modi said that they are insensitive towards the poor. "They let crops rot despite SC's order. They don't care about the people, they are heartless. They don't distribute the rotting foodgrain among the poor, instead they sell it to liquor manufacturers," Modi said.

"Look at their guts they have said in their manifesto that they will reduce price rise, what were they doing for the past five years?" he asked.

Speaking to the people here, Modi said that if people wanted progress, first the government in Delhi needed to be ousted. "Those who speak of progress, have not been able to provide electricity in Bihar. It is time to break ties with those who have not kept their promise," he said.

He said that 'Congress had no rights to make false allegations.'"If there is no progress in Bihar, if there is no change in Bihar, how will India progress?," he said. He slammed the Congress party saying that they withdrew their candidate from Vadodara, not because he was contesting from there but because, he was a Dalit.

Highlights of the rally in Jharkhand

Speaking to the people here, Modi said that Jharkhand was a land of martyrs, it was a land of the brave."This election has transformed into a storm. Maoists have challenged the democracy and asked people not to come," he said. He added that this rally showed how democracy has prevailed over the guns.

"From May 16, a new era of development in the country will begin," he said.Modi said that 'our land needs the colour of progress and not the colour of blood. "There the green colour prevail from the work of the farmers in these lands. Maoists must not have guns in their hands but must have agricultural tools and pens," he said.

Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said Congress government never bothered about the state. "Don't forget that Pandit Nehru mocked the idea of Jharkhand. It was Atalji who gave us Jharkhand," he said. He said that the Congress made promises but never delivered on any of its promise.

"If there is any party that works for the adivasis, it is the BJP. We have made schemes for their development,'" he said.

He urged the voters to vote for the BJP. "Give me 60 months. Mai aapka sevak hoon ( I am your sevak) Give me 60 months, we can make the nation corruption free," he said.

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