Modi recalls F5 formula to strengthen Maharashtra

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Why Modi works for poor, reveals PM
Mumbai, Oct 7: Prime Minister of India -- Narendra Modi resumed his campaigning in Maharashtra for the upcoming assembly elections in the state. He currently has been addressing a rally in Dhule on Tuesday, Oct 7.

Follow Live updates of Modi's rallies in Maharashtra: 

2:41 pm: "Those born in big houses served the big people. I am born in a poor household and I will serve the poor. My work is for the poor," asserted PM.

2:40 pm: "Farm to Fiber to Fabric to Fashion to Foreign -- this is my F5 formula, with this my farmer will be happy," said Modi.

2:35 pm: "Congress made a Scam Maharashtra. We want to make it a Skilled Maharashtra," said PM.

2:33 pm: PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Khamgaon (Buldhana, Maharshtra).

Modi in Jalgaon:

1:10 pm: No one can divide Maharashtra, Mumbai, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi while commenting on pro-Vidarbha campaigners.

1:00 pm: Speaking about Congress and NCP, Modi said, "15th October is an opportunity to end the wrongs, and end the corruption going on for 15 years."

12:54 pm: "Wondered why Cong & NCP was troubled by my visit to Maharashtra. Now I see they were troubled by the amount of ppl who hv turned up here," said Modi.

Modi reveals why BJP works for poor people in India:

11:44 am: "I have taken several steps for the poor. I have seen poverty. I have grown up in poverty and have experienced what it is. I don't need to take pictures with poor people, I grew up with them. I have come from amidst you, that's why my govt wants to work for poor people," asserted people.

11:41 am: 'On October 15 Maharashtra will be Congress free,' says Narendra Modi in Dhule.

11:39 am: "Didn't corruption happen in irrigation sector? Weren't you supposed to get water? Did you get it? But their bank accounts got filled," said Modi while criticising Congress and NCP who ruled the state.

11:37 am: "In this election fever, those on the verge of defeat are taking to lies. Such politics went on for 60 years," Modi said about Congress.

11:36 am: "Till I am in Delhi I assure you no power will be able to break Maharashtra. Some also say lies Mumbai will be divided," said Modi.

11:35 am: After cotton and onion they started another lie saying Maharashtra will be divided! Can anyone do this.

11:34 am: "Congress leaders believe in spreading lies and feel by repeating it, the people will believe. But no longer," says Modi.

11:29 am: "We are not like the Congress. We do not make false promises. Did Congress talk about their work for 60 years, when they were in power right from the Panchayat to the Parliament," asked Modi while hurling his attack on Congress which has been criticising Modi government at the centre.

11:24 am: Modi claimed that his party BJP never made promises to win elections. Rather the party made promises to transform the lives of tribal communities in places like Dhule.

11:20 am: "I came here for the 2nd time in four months," Modi said while showing his respect for Dhule which is also known as the "land of Khandesh."

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