Modi in Hyderabad: I have come to seek your blessings

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Updates: Narendra Modi in AP
Nizamabad, April 22: Addressing rallies in Andhra Pradesh today, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that under his government all people will be treated equally.

Highlights of Hyderabad rally

Narendra Modi's third and final rally for the day was in the Nizam's city, where he addressed a mammoth crowd. Actor Pawan Kalyan and Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu shared stage with Modi at his Hyderabad rally. 

"I have come to Hyderabad to seek you blessings", said Modi, who urged the people to vote for BJP and oust Congress from the state. "Rajiv Gandhi was a Party General Secretary but he insulted an elected chief minister. Days later Indira Gandhi removed the AP chief minister", said Modi.

Modi accused the Congress for playing political games in Andhra Pradesh, thus ruining the region.

"In Seemandhra and Telangana, there are lakhs of people like Pawan Kalyans, who are concerned about the state of the region. In them I see the bright future of both Telangana and Seemandhra in them", said Modi.

"This was the same Hyderabad that under Atal ji and Naidu was known all over the world. We need to dream of Digital India", said Narendra Modi.

TDP president Chandrababu Naidu said that Congress has ruined the country and increased corruption in all fields. "The name of Hyderabad was in the world map only during the rule of TDP and NDA together and with Vajpayee's support", said Naidu.

Highlights of Karimnagar rally

Hitting out at Congress party for turning the struggle for Telangana violent, Modi urged the people to vote for who can make a good Telangana. "Save our Telangana, don't let dynasty politics ruin the region", said Modi.

He held Congress responsible for the violent struggle for Telangana, which killed 1100 people. Urging voters to choose BJP this election, Modi said," I can take care of Telangana, I take care of 3 lakh people in our Surat".

Actor Pawan Kalyan, who floated a political party - Jana Sena - recently, joined Modi on stage. 

Highlights of the rally in Nizamabad

Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said that Telangana was not given to them. "It was due to your sacrifice and your struggle that you got Telangana. Those who say they have given Telangana to you are lying," he said.

Praising former PM Narsimha Rao, Modi said that the work done under Rao's regime was good. "But his party never recognised his work. The Congress government never highlighted his achievements. They dislike Andhra," he said.

If they can't give recognition to Rao's work who hails from this region, how can they take care of the people living here, Modi said. Urging the people of Telangana to vote Modi said ' you decide whom you want to give Telangana now.' "The newly formed Telangana needs proper care and only a strong government can provide you that.

I am here to take care of Telangana, to take responsibility of its future," he said. Modi then said that BJP was always keen on the formation of Telangana but Congress gave birth to the child and killed the mother.

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