Updates: PM Narendra Modi highlights his govt's achievements in 365 days

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Mathura, May 25: As Modi government completes 365 days of governance, since it came to power, following a landslide victory in Lok Sabha election in May 2014, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a mega rally at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

PM Narendra Modi is expected to announce 'One Rank, One Pension' scheme, when he addresses the crowd at Nagla Chandrabhan, which is the ancestral village of BJP ideologue Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya. Heavy police personnel have been deployed at the rally.

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Here are the live updates:

5.50 pm: PM Narendra Modi cocludes his address.

5.45 pm: We will get rid of poverty, make our nation economically stronger, make our nation proud globally

5.40 pm: There are small traders who sell vegetables, milk, newspapers, have small industries, they employ 12 crore people of nation

5.38 pm: "Big corporates don't generate a lot of employment. It is the small traders,businessmen who provide the maximum employment", says PM.

5.36 pm: "If you had not elected this Govt,don't know how inflation would have affected your lives; we have been able to control inflation. Now, the world is trusting India and this is bringing investment in India", says Modi.

5.34 pm: "Now,  there is a unique identity number, so whenever you quit a job, unique ID number is transferred - and so is the money", says PM

5.32 pm: "Railways & Roadways ministries were constantly at logger heads; we have made the processes seamless now", says PM.

5.30 pm: "We want to create an environment where there is a sense of social security within people, we have introduced Atal pension yojana. Did you ever imagine that a farmer in our nation could get pension after 60 years?", says PM.

5.29 pm: We will put an end to 1300 outdated laws, says PM.

5.28 pm: During last elections I had said, that if I had my way I would end one law every day. In the coming days 1300 laws will be abolished, says PM Narendra Modi.

5.26 pm: We introduced process of self attestation according to which citizen of nation says, 'I honestly say these are my documents'

5.24 pm: "Earlier citizens of nation had to get photocopy of their documents signed by MLA or corporator,why? citizen of my nation is not truthful?", asks PM.

5.22 pm: More than 12 crore people get gas subsidy benefits directly in their accounts, says PM.

5.20 pm: We want to give our farmer irrigation and power facilities, says PM Narendra Modi.

5.16 pm: "Issue of farmers' suicide must not be politicized, we must look into why farmers are unhappy after 60 years of Independence. Have thought about soil health cards for farmers, through this the farmer will know about the condition of the land", announces PM.

5.14 pm: "It's been 60 years, more than 3 lakh farmers have committed suicide, I'm not here to discuss who's responsible for that", says PM.

5.12 pm: "I did not give guarantee of 'Acche Din' for those who looted the Nation for years. Your money can't be looted by anyone. We opened bank accounts for the poor. The poor were not given the opportunity to enter the banks for so many years", says PM.

5.10 pm: hese were the people who ruled for 60 years. These power circles are history now, there is no place for such people

5.08 pm: "The change that has taken place in the last year, Modi has not brought but you have. Haven't bad days gone. Have you heard about any scams, any nepotism, any remote control in the last year?" asks PM.

5.06 pm: "I want to ask you today, didn't I deliver on my promises? Loot has been put to an end or not? Last year the issue was coal scams, this year it is about auctions and money that has been raised for the state coffers", says PM.

5.04 pm: "Would things have changed had you allowed the previous government to continue. Every day there were scams, remote controls ran the Government, officers were jailed, leaders were jailed, coal was stolen", says Modi.

5.00 pm: Thoughts of three leaders shaped us in the last several years,those of Mahatma Gandhi ji, Lohia ji & Deendayal ji

4.57 pm: "There is Shree Krishna in every part of this land. Shree Krishna's message was one that of Karma Yoga", says Modi at the birthplace of Lord Krishna in Mathura.

4.55 pm: "When I was elected as a leader I said, this is a Govt dedicated to poor, today after 365 days I felt. We must mark 1st anniversary of our Govt at birthplace of great leader(Pt. Deendayal) who dedicated his entire life for welfare of people".

4.50 pm: "This government is for the poor, working for the welfare of the poor."

4.45 pm: "A year ago you made a decision,after 30 years you elected a Govt with a clear majority. Today this Government completes one year", says Modi.

4.40 pm: Amid slogans of "Narendra Modi Zindabad", PM Modi reaches the venue, where will shortly address a mega rally.

4.35 pm: BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini address the rally. In next four years, Mathura will get a make over, says the yesteryear actress.

4.30 pm: "It is my privilege that I am able to come to this pure place and offer my tributes. If anybody wants to know more about rural development, environment, how to empower women, focus on education, they should come here", says PM Modi.

4.25 pm: To commemorate his government's first year anniversary, PM Narendra Modi speaks at Pt Deendayal Upadhayaya Dham in Mathura and pays tribute to him.

4.20 pm: PM Modi pays tribute to Pt Deendayal Upadhayaya at Deendayal Dham, Mathura.

4.10 pm: PM Narendra Modi gets warm welcome at Pt. Deendayal Dham, Mathura.

4.00 pm: PM Narendra Modi reaches Mathura; will address 'Jan Kalyan Sabha'.

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