Updates: PM Narendra Modi highlights govt achievements at BJP's public meeting

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Bengaluru, April 3: PM Narendra Modi, who reached Bengaluru on Thursday, April 2 to attend BJP's National Executive meet.

All the senior party leaders including BJP President Amit Shaha, LK Adavani, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jailey and External Affairs MInister Sushma Swaraj were present at the meeting.


Here are the Live updates of PM Modi's address at the National College Grounds in the state capital:

7.30 pm: After highlighting the achievements of his governement, PM Narendra Modi concludes his nearly-one-hour speech with three cheers of Bharat Mata ki jai!

7.28 pm:  "Give it up. Take pride in giving up subsidy", says PM. 

7.27 pm: "Today 2 lakh people have given up their gas cylinder subsidy. This has benefited the nation by Rs 100 crore. I had only said if you can afford it, please give up your subsidy

"The money which we save, I won't take it home (laughs). it will not be deposited in government coffers either. I will find 2 lakh families who are using fire wood and are suffering due to smoke. I want to help that mother who suffers by lighting fire wood and bearing the smoke", says Modi.

7.25 pm: "We have introduced direct transfer of gas subsidy. We have stopped leakage and theft of subsidy. Those poor who had no one to care for this government will take care of", says PM.

"Today the entire world says, the country which is progressing fastest it is India. Many had said in BRICS concept the I would fade out. Today the I is the strongest in BRICS", says PM.

7.20 pm:  "Our Mars mission was the cheapest. An auto charges Rs 10 per kilometre, mangalyan cost us Rs 7 per kilometre", says PM.

7.17 pm: "If the youngster has the opportunity, he will lead the nation. We have introduced Make in India. Why should our resources from India go out. Why can't our iron resources be used fully", asks Modi.

"I told the RBI that the currency should have the paper and ink should be Made in India. This is the only way to end the unemployment problem. I had come for the aero show not to watch the planes fly. I had come to tell the various countries to make in India. India is capable of being self reliant in the defence sector", says Modi.

7.15 pm: "Those who have set up protesting have no idea about the troubles of a farmer. The farmers of my country will never look back. India is witnessing a second green revolution", says PM.

7.10 pm: "I will give the farmers so much strength to turn stone into gold", says PM.

7.08 pm: "Farmer were selling land to pay bribe to get their children a government job. Don't you think the farmers should be protected. Our first effort is to ensure that the farmers are protected. We will protect their lands. We have introduced a soil health card", says PM.

7.05 pm: "Country will progress only when a farmer progresses. There is a need to bring technology into the agriculture sector. There is a need to give more infrastructure to farmers. Farmers need 24 hours of power. None in bengaluru will disagree when we say same facilities given in cities should be given in villages too", says Modi.

7.00 pm: "I have not fallen from the sky. I have lived among the farmers all my childhood. Hence today I know their pain", says Modi.

6.55 pm: 'I have a dream of a digital India", says Modi. 

"I will take the country towards mobile governance. Mobile governance leads to good governance which in turn provides transparency. This will increase jobs in the IT sector and the country will have a strong economy", says PM.

6.53 pm: "If intentions are clear anything is possible.  We have experienced that the nation will progress if intentions are clean. We have seen a new kind of railway budget. Earlier railway budget focused on what the MPs wanted for their constituency", PM says.

"The rail minister would compile the demands of the MPs and this would become the railway budget for the first time, a rail budget has been presented which lays the ground work and vision for the next ten years", Modi says.

6.50 pm: "When we touched coal we converted it to diamonds, when the earlier government touched coal they filled their coffers", says PM.

6.48 pm: "In the budget, we have decided to bring a law against black money. The opposition were making fun about us on black money", says PM.

"After the bill was passed the opposition shut their mouth. I once again assure the people, what has gone has to be brought back, but then we will not let any more go (black money)".

6.47 pm: PM Modi says, "People are mocking me about black money. They are asking when will it come"

"They (Opposition) tried to kill the truth. Today you have seen, after the government the first cabinet meeting decide to bring back black money. The previous government did not even bother following the Supreme Court decision to bring back black money."

"I was new I was inexperienced. But I had the strength of the people of India. I looked at the foreign countries in the eye and asked them to help bring back black money", says PM.

6.45 pm: "Why are they are allegations against us?" Taking a dig at the opposition, Modi says, "Our intentions are right".

"When I get files I realise, there are so many pending works. I am surprised with what the earlier government has done. I have taken decisions on the spot. i rectified the mistakes."

6.40 pm: PM Modi says, "The people gave us a chance to serve the country. I assure the country that the faith you have in us, we will not let you down. In my ten months of experience i can there is no reason for India to remain backward".

6.35 pm: "I have come to Karnataka even before I became the Prime Minister. I got another opportunity to be amidst you. Every time we read the news earlier, there were only news on scams", says PM.

"Everyone had changed their impression about India. It appeared as though India had lost the power to make its future. There was a doubt whether India would be saved or not", says Modi.

6.33 pm: PM Modi begins his speech, says "looks like the weather is changing".

6.30 pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives at National College Grounds.

6.25 pm: BJP President Amit Shah begins his speech, says, "The people of Karnataka have shown their love for the BJP and helped in the formation of the government at the centre. The entire BJP thanks the people of Karnataka."

Shah further says, "In the ten months that the BJP has ruled, the schemes have reached to the poor. The Jan Dhan Yojana has benefitted 12 families already."

Amit Shah wears the historic Mysore Peta. Presented by Ananth Kumar

6.20 pm: "Sushma Swaraj has taught all of us how to speak in Parliament", says Prahlad Joshi, the president of Karnataka state unit of the BJP.

6.15 pm: "Go to any corner of Karnataka. The farmer still sing praises for the BJP. This is the commitment we have towards our farmers. There is no point in opposing the Land Bill. The BJP is committed to every farmer in the nation", says Shah.

6.10 pm: BJP President Amit Shah reaches National College Ground to a defining roar.

6.05 pm: "I want to assure the farmers in Karnataka. Congress is unnecessarily blocking the Land Bill. Not even an acre of land of the farmer will be snatched away", says BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa.

6.00 pm: BJP MP from South Bengaluru Ananth Kumar is speaking at the National College Grounds

"Where is Rahul Gandhi? Only BJP has a future. Congress is finished. We are all indebted to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah", says Kumar.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only leader capable standing tall next to the US President Barack Obama", he further says.

Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar, Chhattisgarh CM Dr Raman Singh, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje are at the venue of the rally in Bengaluru.

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