UP’s Yadav Family Mahabharata: This Samajwadi Party drama has some great filmy dialogues

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The "political drama" unfolding in the Yadav clan of Samajwadi Party (SP) in India's largest state Uttar Pradesh can't be ignored so easily.

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The family feud which till recently was brewing within the precinct of Uttar Pradesh has now turned into a national television opera, literally.

It's a battle royale

Definitely, the current clash in Uttar Pradesh is the mother of all political wars.

First, it is the prominent members of the ruling Samajwadi Party, including Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, who are directly involved in the feud.

Second, the state is all set to go for assembly polls in the next few months.

Third, Samajwadi Party is mostly controlled by around 20 Yadavs. They are all related to party patriarch Mulayam Singh.

The fight between the Yadav family members-- distributed in two camps-is definitely a political potboiler of the year.

Moreover, when a son (Akhilesh) directly challenges his father and mentor (Mulayam Singh) on his own turf, political observers and opponents keenly observe the development.

Drama and dialogues

The real picture of strained relationship between Akhilesh and Mulayam Singh emerged two days ago, when SP supremo publicly pulled up his son and Chief Minister at a meeting attended by thousands of party supporters and minutely filmed by television cameras.

Moreover, senior party leader Shivpal Yadav called Akhilesh a "liar" in front of everyone.

Shivpal is Mulayam Singh's brother and Akhilesh's uncle.

Both the father and son are fighting because Akhilesh is immensely miffed with his uncle and father's close-aide Amar Singh, who was recently re-inducted in the party at the behest of the party supremo.

Some of the key lines exchanged between the leaders of the SP during the October 24 (Monday) public meeting were nothing less than filmy: Here are few of them:

1. "Tumari haisiyat hi kya hai?" (Who the hell are you?)---Mulayam Singh told his son Akhilesh.

2. "Your Chief Minister is a liar."---This is what Shivpal said about Akhilesh in front of all.

3. "Nobody can become a big leader without having a big heart."-Mulayam told his son.

4. "You all know nothing about Amar Singh. He saved me from going to prison."-Mulayam told his son.

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