Lab tests find fresh maggi samples 'sub-standard' again

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Lucknow, Mar 10: This could disappoint maggi lovers once again. Reportedly some fresh samples of instant noodles have been found sub-standarad in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh.

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When asked about this report, district chief food safety officer Manoj Kumar accepted that samples of Maggi collected on February 5 "were found sub-standard in the lab tests.

Maggi samples found 'sub-standard'

According to tests conducted by Lucknow-based state-owned laboratory, ash content in Maggi Masala was found to be 1.85 per cent, which is higer than the permissible limit of one per cent.

Notices would be sent to the retailer and the company and, if they are dissastisfied with the report, they can send it to a referral lab at their own expense, Manoj Kumar said.

However, Nestle India has denied all the charges. Refuting the findings of the lab test, Nestle India in its statement said, "The quality and safety of our products are non-negotiable priorities for us as we adhere to strict food quality and safety procedures at all times."

It is apparent from the media reports that standards for 'Macaroni products' are being applied for 'Instant Noodles with seasoning' which is "erroneous and misleading", a Nestle India spokesman said.

"We categorically reiterate that testing of 'Instant Noodles' against norms set for 'macaroni products' will reflect in incorrect results and wrong interpretations."

Industry members, including Nestle India, have made a representation to the FSSAI to remove this confusion, which is unwarranted, the company said.

Kumar, meanwhile, said if no application was receieved either from the retailer or the company within a month, a case would be lodged in the court of additional district magistrate.
"A penalty of upto Rs five lakh could be imposed in this case," he added.

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