Underworld-ISI nexus: A conspiracy that could have shaken India

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New Delhi, May 9: The chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency against members of the Dawood Ibrahim syndicate in connection with the Bharuch murders was on expected lines.

The chargesheet goes on to point towards a major conspiracy to create communal clashes in India.

Underworld-ISI nexus: A threat to India

When the investigations had commenced, the NIA had pointed out that the double murders were aimed at spreading communal tension in the country

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The NIA's probe still has a long way to go. It would still need to unearth details regarding the operatives in Pakistan and South Africa before closing the case.

In November 2015, two persons Sirish Bengali and Pragnesh Mistry were murdered at Bharuch, Gujarat. The NIA which took over the case found that the intentions behind the murders were to create communal disturbance.

Underworld acting at ISI's behest:

Going by the investigation into the case, it becomes clear that the underworld was operating at the behest of the ISI. NIA officials say that several operatives in South Africa and Pakistan planned these murders.

The only intention was to create communal tension.
They even decided to chose Gujarat as the first area of operation.

They felt that if communal tensions flare up in Gujarat, it would spread to other parts of the country. While the case on hand deals with the murders of Mistry and Bengali, the NIA suspects that these operatives have been planning similar operations in other parts of the country as well.

The main intention was to disrupt peace in the state and ensure that riots on a large scale took place, investigators have learnt. To execute the plan, Javed Chikna a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim had sent his brother Abid to Gujarat in May 2015.

He contacted the shooters and even handed them part of the payment. He promised them a total of Rs 50 lakh for executing the murders. The men who were picked for the operation ran gambling dens in various parts of Gujarat. Abid also instructed these men to identify more Hindu leaders in the state and carry out their execution.

The police have learnt that they planned on a series of murders in a bid to agitate Hindus in the state so that it would lead to major communal riots. The Intelligence Bureau says that this is yet another attempt that had been made to increase communal tension in the country.

An incident in Yavatmal, Maharashtra also made an attempt to kick start a wave of communal incidents. In this incident, an alleged member of the SIMI at the behest of a religious preacher had stabbed a constable protesting the beef ban in the state.

The IB has warned that such incidents could occur in smaller towns of the country and if the police are not watchful there is a danger of the same spreading across the country.

The IB also says that groups from Pakistan in association with the underworld will look to launch such attacks in order to increase the communal divide in the country.

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