Unbelievable! Girl survives after being run over by train in Mumbai

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Mumbai, June 7: In a miraculous escape, a girl survived after being run over by a local train in Mumbai. The incident occurred with Pratiksha Natekar and the whole incident was caught on the CCTV camera installed at the Kurla station.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the girl is seen crossing the track with her earphones plugged in. She was unaware of the fact that the train was fast approching her, when she spotted it getting close, tried to jump back onto the platform. She, however, panicked and darted towards the engine instead.

The train hits her and knocks her over

Although the video captured the 19-year-old being hit by the train and falling down on the track before the moving train went over her, the girl escaped with a minor bruise over her left eye.

The miraculous survivor, Natekar said that "I was crossing the tracks when I suddenly saw the train coming. I was stunned and I did not know what happened. When I woke up I was in hospital. I definitely won't ever cross the tracks again.

"I was listening to music on high volume, so could not hear the train. People at the station gestured me to move away, I was in a hurry and so I decided to cross the road. People were stretching their arms to help me but I ignored them. By ten it was too late and eye closed my eyes, when I opened my eyes, I saw being pulled out from under the train," she said.

"She should have taken the help of the passengers at the platform and gotten off the tracks. Fortunately, nothing major happened," said an official from the Government Railway Police at Kurla.

"We treated her for minor injury and sent her home. We weren't even aware that it was a railways-related injury," said Vidya Thakur, Superintendent at the Rajawadi Hospital.

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