Udhampur strike: Mohammad Naved asked to identify the route he took

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Udhampur, Aug 8: Understanding the route through which Mohammad Naved and his accomplice Noman sneaked in and carried out the Udhampur terror strike is a key part of the investigation. Naved is being taken to Kashmir among other places to identify the exact route through which he reached Udhampur before launching the terror strike on the BSF convoy.

It is an important part of the investigation, an officer associated with the probe informed OneIndia. He has made several claims about the route that he took and we need to ascertain and verify that.

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Naved asked to identify the route he too

Naved's route under scanner

Naved claimed that he entered into India by cutting the fence along the border on June 2. There appear to be several loop holes and this route that was taken by the terrorists appeared to be an easy one due to lack of security, officers say.

While the route within the state is important for the investigations, it is also necessary so that the loop holes are plugged. Terrorists use newer routes each time and it is for the security forces to catch up with them, the officer further stated.

Some locals are also under the scanner. Naved has been asked to identify those locals who helped him willingly or unwillingly. He is said to have stayed in a house a few days before the attack from where the GPS has been recovered.

The GPS will also help us get more clues about his journey into India before he finally reached Udhampur, the officer further informed.

J&K state police want to probe

The Jammu and Kashmir state police have not officially handed over the probe to the National Investigating Agency. While the NIA has filed the First Information Report in this case on Friday, the official hand over of the probe is yet to take place.

Until such time the NIA will be part of the probe along with the state police. The state police feel that they are competent enough to handle the probe and hence the NIA would not be needed.

The NIA on the other hand which is the premier investigating agency for all terror cases in India was sent down by the union government to probe into the case. The centre feels that the NIA would be able to do a better job in the case.

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