Udhampur attack: Time to talk less do more

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New Delhi, Aug 5: While high level meetings in New Delhi would discuss at length the Udhampur attack, there is a serious review on to look at the methods of patrolling along the border.

The fact that terrorists were able to infiltrate and carry out two major attacks in a span on one week has got security officials ‎thinking of newer measures on how to better patrolling along the India-Pakistan border.

Udhampur attack: Time to talk less do more.
Various issues including the similarities between the Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks are under discussion. We are getting all the details about today's attack, a senior officer in the Home‎ Ministry informed OneIndia.

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A major worry:

Expert in matters of security and senior journalist with the Hindustan Times, Shishir Gupta tells OneIndia that the first thing that needs to be looked at the patrolling methods. Despite the BSF being present in full force infiltrations have taken place.

Prima facie it appears that the same module behind the Gurdaspur attack is behind the Udhampur strike as well. The area has where today's attack took place has never seen strikes and there is no resident militant here.‎

There is a question mark on whether this captured terrorist carried a weapon or not. The police will get more through his interrogation. We need to join the dots after that. However, what is worrying is the coordinated attacks that militants have been carrying out, Gupta also adds.

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Quick terror squads:

What was noticed in both the Gurdaspur and Udhampur attacks was that the ‎terrorists were newly trained. They came in for short operations only to send a message and create an impact.

‎Former Chief of the Research and Analysis Wing, C D Sahay says that Pakistan has a new found aggression. With China backing them to the hilt they appear to be more aggressive today. India will need to rethink strategy on Pakistan.

Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing Amar Bhushan points out that it is a difficult situation on hand. We cannot train terrorists and send them to Pakistan because we are not a terrorist state. We can't play the games Pakistan does. We need to hit them along the border. Time to talk less and do more now, Bhushan also adds.

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