Udhampur attack: One terrorist, many names filled with contradictions

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Jammu, Aug 5: Kasim Khan, Usman Khan and now Mohammad Naved. These are names of the same person who was captured at Udhampur today.

This person from Pakistan part of the attack on the BSF convoy was smiling before the cameras and he seemed all too amused with the attention he was getting.

Contradictions over terrorist's name

Sources questioning the man say that he knows the art of dodging investigation a prerequisite for any terrorist trained in Pakistan. Ajmal Kasab too at first gave out several names before the investigators zeroed in on his real name.

No bus comes here:

Khan is just 20 and hence is awed by all the attention he is getting. He is clearly a remote controlled puppet of either the Jaish-e-Mohammad or the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, officials say.

As pointed earlier by OneIndia, he does not seem to be apologetic about the attack not does he seem to be part of a fully trained programme. He has undergone training for a very short duration and has been sent to India as the radar on such persons is comparitively low.

During his interrogation he says that they infiltrated through the jungles and on when being asked how he travelled he says he walked as no bus would come here.

Here since 12 days:

Khan says, he is in India since the past 12 days. This gives the indication that he had infiltrated along with the Gurdaspur attackers. The two groups split up once in India to carry out coordinated strikes.

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He further states he came to kill Hindus and also says that many Kashmiri are being killed. Officials say that he is giving out very trained statements. He is not aware of the consequences of his actions and basically repeating like a parrot what has been told to him.

Further Khan's questioning also suggests that they had come on short mission. This is clear when he says that they ran out of food. We are taking everything with a pinch of salt officials say. He has also contradicted his age. Once he says he is 20 and later he claims he is 16 years old.

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