Udhampur and Gurdaspur attacks: Group split into 2 to carry coordinated strike

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Srinagar, Aug 5: Usman Khan like Ajmal Kasab is a remote controlled operative of the high and mighty Lashkar-e-Tayiba in Pakistan. His catch is a major success for security forces and what could not be achieved at Gurdaspur was possible in Udhampur.

Sources part of the investigation confirm that the Usman Khan, the 20 year old terrorist from Faisalbad was part of the same team which infiltrated into India and carried out the Gurdaspur attack. After entering India they split into two groups.


Usman and company were on standby:

Information made available during the investigation suggests that Usman and company which carried out the Udhampur strike were told to be on standby. The plan was to first carry out the strike in Gurdaspur and then follow it up with a coordinated attack in Jammu and Kashmir.

Usman and his other team members received a go ahead signal from Paksitan last night and they were planning on ambushing the Amarnath Yatris, preliminary investigations also suggest. While they were unable to carry out an attack on the Amarnath Yatris, they targeted a BSF convoy in Narsoo, Udhampur in which two soldiers died.

The capture of Usman:

It is still unclear as to how exactly Usman was captured. While some versions indicate that it was the three hostages who tricked him by leading him to a police station another account suggests that there was a brief gun battle following which he was forced to surrender.

Usman told the police that he is from Pakistan and was carrying out orders. He seems un-apologetic about the attack. He also said that he was in India on a suicide mission as instructed to him before he set out from Pakistan.

The police are verifying the ammunition including an AK-47 rifle that was found on Usman. The GPS will also come in handy to ascertain that these attackers were from Pakistan.

Who is Usman Khan?

Usman Khan alias Kasim Khan who was captured alive by security forces in Udhampur is 20 years old. He speaks a Pakistani dialect and is part of the same module which carried out the Gurdaspur attack.

His capture is a major breakthrough for the security forces and as his interrogation gets underway he says he is part of a Lashkar-e-Tayiba module. He says he was in India ten days back and had planned on carrying out an attack. The targets were either the Amarnath Yatra or a major attack on the security forces.

Fidayeen squad:

Sources conducting his questioning say that Khan was part of a Fidayeen squad. He is 20 years old and was planning on keeping people hostage while other members of his team continued their battle against the BSF. incidentally he is the first terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir to be caught alive after 2012.

Sources say that he hails from Faisalbad in Pakistan. There could be more such groups which may have infiltrated into India with an intention of carrying out coordinated strikes. Several places in the country including New Delhi have been placed under high alert.

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