Shocking: Uber rape opens Pandora's box; reveals reality behind GPS cabs

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Bengaluru, Dec 9: Delhi administration may have woken up to the reality behind the rapist in the Uber cab incident, but the entire story is yet to unravel.

In Bengaluru, a cab driver spills the beans of security of call cabs across the country. Nagesh, a former company cab driver said,"Only very few companies have the GPS system, many do not. And I can tell you not a single cab at least in Bengaluru call centres have cameras."

He further adds,"Yes, there are escorts. That is there across companies. After 12 am someone will join to drop back till the last lady is dropped off. But these are escorts who do not know routes, because many are from other states. If we change the route, they do not come to know."


Rueing about the security systems for women workers in India on the roads and in the cabs, he said that there were rules, but these were as old as 2005 when call centre employee Pratibha Murthy was raped and murdered in Bengaluru.

Highlighting the sloppy recruitment process, Nagesh said that getting a driver's job at a call centre is very easy as they just look for a driving license and no other records are required.

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There is no interview. They check only driving licence and other documents. That is priority for them," he said. "We need more policemen on roads. After 12 am there is no one," Nagesh said.

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