Uber cab rape incident: Several women had complained against Shiv Kumar Yadav

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Lucknow, Dec 11: The culprit in Delhi's Uber cab rape incident, Shiv Kumar Yadav, was arrested in August, 2013, for raping a woman in Uttar Pradesh. He was later released on bail. 

The woman told NDTV on Thursday that she was so scared that she did not "step out of her house for months" after the incident.

Uber cab rape incident: Several women had complained against Shiv Kumar Yadav

The 32-year-old married woman stays in a village next to Yadav's in the Mainpuri district, says the NDTV report. She was raped by Shiv Kumar Yadav when she had gone to dump garbage near a field.

The woman told NDTV that Shiv Kumar threatened her and tried to strangle her when she tried to shout. When she tried to resist, he hit her and she fell down. Yadav was arrested after the woman filed a complaint. But he was later given bail in the case.

Yadav was arrested last week for raping a woman passenger who boarded the Uber cab that he was driving.

Apart from this, in 2011, he served seven months jail term in Delhi for allegedly raping a woman who worked at a pub in Gurgaon. 

Other cases in which he was charged in includes a illegal arms possession case.

'Serial assaulter'

Another woman told NDTV on Tuesday, Dec 9, that a week before the Uber cab rape incident, Shiv Kumar was accused of harassing a woman in Delhi.

The Uber cab service had received a complaint about Yadav from a woman Nidhi Shah who said he kept staring at her during a taxi ride on November 26.

The woman filed a complaint with the taxi company officials who said they would look into the matter. Nidhi Shah told NDTV that she feels she should have 'done more' to stop Yadav from misbehaving with women.

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