UAE questioning 9 Indians for alleged ISIS links

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Abu Dhabi/ New Delhi, Sept 4: The authorities at the United Arab Emirates are questioning 9 Indians for alleged ISIS links.

The action comes in the wake of two Indians being deported to Kochi a few days back after they had posted propaganda material on their social media sites praising the ISIS.

UAE questioning 9 Indians

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that four of these persons are from Dubai while the rest are from Abu Dhabi. The decision to detain and question them comes in the wake of Intelligence Bureau officials sharing information with their counterparts in UAE after tracking their accounts.

Detained for questioning

The Intelligence Bureau recently launched Operation Chakravyuh in a bid to track social media accounts sympathetic to the ISIS. Several Indians have come under the scanner.

IB sources say that in all 11 Indians living in the UAE had come under the radar. While two have already been deported, 9 others are still be questioned.

The UAE authorities will question them and if convinced that these persons were propagating for the ISIS, they will be deported too.

The authorities at UAE are ascertaining whether these persons were only propagating for the ISIS or were trying to join the outfit as well. Based on the tracking by the IB in India, it was found that at least 3 of the 9 persons were attempting to join the ISIS and hence had been red flagged.

Paksitan, Bangladesh nationals too under scanner

The UAE has decided that it will not let its soil become a launch pad for ISIS recruits. The UAE authorities are keeping a close watch not just on the Indians, but also four nationals from Pakistan and Bangladesh who have indulged in similar activity.

Whether these persons would be punished or deported to their respective countries is unknown. It would depend on the arrangement that the UAE has with both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

However in the case of the Indians, the UAE has assured that if a case is made out against them they would be deported.

Deported Indians counseled

Meanwhile the two Indians who were deported from the UAE have been questioned by the Kerala police and also the Intelligence Bureau. There is no decision to slap cases against them and the authorities have decided to counsel and place them under watch.

However they can be called in for questioning again an IB official informed. We want to ascertain once again if they are part of some group which propagates for the ISIS. Their links with the 9 detained Indians will also be investigated the officer also informed.

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