Jammu a part of Pakistan? Twitter shows Indian territory in Pakistan, J&K part of China

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New Delhi, Feb 17: Micro-blogging website Twitter is facing flak from Indian users as it is showing Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan and China.

The website has made a major blunder as it is showing Jammu as a part of Pakistan, while Jammu and Kashmir as a part of People's Republic of China when users are using its location services while composing their tweets.

Twitter shows Jammu as part of Pakistan

The micro-blogging site allows its users to tag a place in their tweets. Users can either select their current location automatically selected by GPS services or manually select a location by typing the name of the city or region they want to tag, after which Twitter gives the users options from their database.

But users where shocked to notice when they typed "Jammu" or "Kashmir" in Twitter's location field and the website didn't give any option of India.

The website showed two options Jammu, Pakistan & Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples's Republic of China' are were asked to select either of the two. The option of India isn't available even though users searched for cities that are a part of the Indian territory.

It could be an algorithmic error from Twitter's designers but so far there is no clarification from the micro-blogging website. 

Earlier in 2013, search engine giant Google showed Arunachal Pradesh as a part of China, thereby inviting massive criticism.

The Google map site for Chinese users not only showed northeastern Indian state but also parts of Kashmir as part of the communist nation but while map for Indians users showed a different picture.

Contrary to the Chinese Google map, Indian users of the Google map site saw Arunachal as part of the country, while the users in other parts of the world saw Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir as a 'disputed regions'.

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