Twist in Rohtak bravehearts case:Support pours in for accused boys,girls called 'habitual offenders'

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Rohtak, Dec 4: Days after the braveheart sisters were seen beating three youths, who were reportedly harrasing them on board a bus in Haryana, a new video came to fore in which the girls were seen beating boys. After the second video has come out questions are being raised on the claims and allegations made by the two sisters.

A new also came into the whole story when passengers from the same bus have started claiming that the fight took place not because the three accused molested the girls, but the issue was about seats.

After the passengers coming out in support of the boys, whispers are doing round in Rohtak that the girls have done all this just to get publicity an dto get some money in the name of compensation.

What the villagers are saying?

People from asan and nearby village are saying that these girls have earlier also done similar things in the past just to get money. As per the sources, these girls beat boys and when it becomes a big issue then they demand money to settle the whole matter. As per sources, people are also saying that these girls have demanded a hefty amount from the accused to take the case back.

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Five women passengers have given statement in the court

Five women passengers of the same bus have given statement to the police and have supported the boys in the court.

Three women passengers from Thanakhurd village, the native place of the sisters and two other women passengers who were also in the same bus given statements to the police saying that the boys have been wronged as the whole issue was over seats and nothing else.

Raj Singh, sarpanch of asan village told OneIndia, "Bimla, a resident of Sonepat has said in her affidavit to court that the altercation was over seats. The two sisters were sitting on the seats which were allotted to an unwell woman passenger and her and when the boys asked the sisters to vacate the seats for the elderly women, the two refused and started fighting.

Twist in Rohtak case: Support pours in for accused boys, villagers say girls 'habitual offenders'
The girls picked up a fight with the boys and also made a video of the incident with the help of another girl accompanying them."

A woman from girls village tells about girls habit of picking up fights

A woman from the girls village also told media that the two sisters had a reputation to indulge in fights and this is the reason because of which passenger vehicles at times deny the girls to enter their vehicles and the girls have to walk to the village. She also said that sometime back the girls had beaten an eight year old boy from the village.

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Meanwhile, after another video of the girls thrashing a boy came, the families of accused have alleged that its a routine for the sisters to thrash men. Girls though claim its a consiparcy so that they withdraw the case.

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