Twist: Techie from Andhra killed in Mumbai; close friend arrested

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Crime against women
Mumbai, Feb 2: In a sudden twist in Esthar Anuhya death case, Mumbai Police now suspected that it could be a premediated murder carried out by her "close" friend. Police, without revealing his identity, said that the man has been arrested from Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh.

According to media report, the suspect boarded the same train in which Esthar was traveling to Mumbai on Jan 4. A senior police official was quoted as saying, "During the journey, both of them spoke to each other several times over the phone. They spoke for 41 minutes during the entire journey."

"The friend has so far not been able to justify why he went to Shirdi via Mumbai," added the official while saying that both Esthar and the friend were classmates in Engineering college.

Both of them spoke to each other several times over the phone

The same person also met Esthar at Vijaywada station on Jan 4 and handed her a tiffin box, confirmed Mumbai Police after questioning the detained person.

Recently, Mumbai Police found a CCTV footage which captured Esthar deboarding the train with another man. According to police, the man, who was carrying Esthar's bag, knew the her friend who has been arrested.

Meanwhile, there's a new twist to the rape angle. The Kalina forensic science laboratory has concluded that she was not raped. The report will be handed over to the Mumbai police soon.

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