Tweet: PM aide under attack for showing wrong Gujarat economic data

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Pankaj Pachauri
New Delhi, March 25: Pankaj Pachauri, the media advisor of the Prime Minister has come under the scanner for giving out wrong information regarding Gujarat's economy. In fact the figures were grossly varying from the figures provided by the Central Statistical Office (CSO).

Pachauri posted how Gujarat was missing from the top ten economies in the country. He also 'explained' that Gujarat had the slowest growth rate at 9.25% at the current prices out of the 19 states cited in 2012-2013.

Soon after posting the Tweet, one of Modi's followers demanded that "Pachauri must apologise for the false propaganda.

On the contrary, the state is the fifth largest economy only after Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, UP and Andhra Pradesh. Gujarat's economic size in 2012-2013 was Rs 4.27 lakh crore at constant (2004-05) prices. Moreover, Gujarat's GDP actually rose to 12.69 and not 9.52%.

Defending himself, he posted another graph, saying,"ee this too - top 10 GDP states in India." Among the ten states, Gujarat was missing. After a flood of criticism, Pachauri signed off for the day saying "curious minds (to) be patient, search methodically."

Pachauri, however, insisted that he had taken all the details from official websites like and the Election Commission. "As some states had not furnished data for 2012-13, may be Indiastat had dropped them from their list".

When confronted that the CSO had on March 1 put a data that all the data was revised, to which Pachauri said that the list uploaded by him had a footnote saying that it has been updated till March 14.

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