Trust deficit with Delhi leading to radicalisation of Kashmiri

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 New Delhi, Jul 21: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah today warned that trust deficit with Delhi is resulting in radicalisation of the youth in Kashmir and that the trend needs to stopped, failing which it may lead to problems bigger than what was seen in early 1990s.

Speaking at the release a book -- "Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years" -- written by former RAW Chief A S Dulat, Abdullah, who has been actively participating in day-to-day politics in the state after his long illness, spoke on various issues related to Kashmir and the Centre's approach over the years towards the state.

Why radicalisation of Kashmiri

"As I have always said that don't mistrust us, don't push us to the wall, we will die as Indians. I have always said that and I will continue to say that till I go to the grave and face my God," Abdullah said. Asked whether autonomy was a way to move forward in solving the Kashmir issue, he said at least this is a road.

"Where we reach is up to the discussions that we will have," he said.Referring to a statement made by the author, who served as OSD on Kashmir in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, that educated youth are getting swayed by militancy, Abdullah said, "Trust deficit between Srinagar and Delhi is a major contributor for this.

Let me warn, today's generation and Farooq Abdullah's generation are different... My generation agreed with little but today's generation needs results faster and better."

Abdullah spoke about growing fundamentalism in almost all religions, and said, "India is in tremendous danger, the fallouts are going to be miserable if we don't wake up against the growth of fundamentalism in various forms in almost all religions, that is going to be death for those of us who believe that we are a nation."

"And I hope those people in power whether at the Centre or in the states realise that we are dying but the nation will go on, let us steer it towards a better future," he said.


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