Tripura Governor expresses concern over cross border terrorism

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Agartala, Aug 27: Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy has expressed concern over cross border terrorists from Bangladesh seeking safe haven in West Bengal and urged for further strengthening of bilateral ties through sharing of river waters.

Pointing out that as a lower riparian country, Bangladesh, should get its due share of water to further strengthen bilateral relation with the neighbouring country, Roy said,"Five rivers including Sutlej, Chenab flow from India to Pakistan and despite deterioration of our relation with the country, India has not stopped sharing water."

Cross border terrorism matter of concern

"So, India cannot deny sharing of water with the lower riparian country, Bangladesh.

Let this irritant be removed," Roy said last evening after inaugurating a conclave, "Cross-Border Terrorism in Bangladesh: Implications for India's Border States," organized by a news portal here.

He said the visa system between Bangladesh and India should be simplified and he has taken up the matter with the central government. Roy, a former leader of BJP in West Bengal, said, "Nearly half of the border of Bangladesh is with West Bengal and many terrorists from the country are using the state as their sanctuary.

It is alarming." A B Mathur, former Chief of Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) said, "Pakistan is the source of terrorism in South-Asia. Army and ISI rule the country in the real sense and sponsor terrorism.

Army is funding and encouraging terrorism." Expressing his gratitude to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Mathur said, "She is fighting against terrorism in her country and did not allow insurgents of north eastern region of our country to use the soil of her country. If terrorism grows in Bangladesh, it is also a matter of deep concern for us."

Director of NSI, Bangladesh, Nurul Absar said, "Our country follows the principle of zero tolerance towards terrorism. It is presumed that different terrorist groups in our country are trying to regroup and our government is alert."

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He said terrorist groups made an attempt on the life of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2004 because she was against terrorism. Absar said, "Bangladesh is not Pakistan or Syria. Our people are influenced by the Sufi thoughts, so it would not be possible for the terrorists to find solid ground in our country.

Country would overcome the menace of terrorism." He also attached importance on sharing of information regarding activities of the terrorists so that both the countries could act against them.


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