Example of tolerant India: Muslims arrange Rs 50, 000 to secure bail for Hindu convicts

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New Delhi, Nov 27: This incidence will silence all those critics who say that there is intolerance within the country. At a time when actor Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has reignited intolerance debate, this is a perfect example which proves that people of different religions live with peace and harmony in India.

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This incidence is of Bareilly district of Uttar pradesh. As per TOI report, a Muslim group arranged Rs 50, 000 for Hindus who were languishing in jail. All 15 Hindus were in jail on the charges of petty crime like ticketless travel. Reportedly their families didn't have enough money to secure them bail.

When Muslims rescued Hindus

Understanding their plight, this Muslim group led by a man named Qureshi came forward and arranged Rs 50, 000 to get them bail.

Qureshi was quoted by the newspaper as saying, "When we learnt of their plight from jail authorities, we decided that we should do what we could. We are never guided by the feeling that our efforts should be directed only towards members of our own community.

He further said, "We believe that if we help in releasing a man from captivity, Allah will bless us. Moreover, what better occasion than a time when there is all this talk about who should live in this country and who should leave."

This incidence has set an example of brotherhood and kindness in front of the entire nation. If they(Muslims) would not have arranged money, jailed Hindus might not be able to meet with their loved ones again.

Sources say that after coming out from the prison, Hindus expressed gratitude and hugged their Muslims brothers.

Haji Mohd Anees who also contributed money said, "Sahib yeh to hamara watan hai aur Hindu hamare bhai hain (Sir, India is our motherland and Hindus are our brothers).

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