To stay 'undetected', terrorists use technology & smarter devices

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New Delhi, July 18: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a technology was devised through which mobile communications could be sent without using mobile towers. This was possible as mobile phones were paired with radio sets.

While this is an extremely smart technology which helps a great deal during rescue operations, the flip side to it is that Pakistani terrorists have picked up this technology now.


With this technology being used by Pakistan terrorists, intercepting their communication has become extremely difficult.

The intercepts are usually picked up through the mobile towers and with this new technology in use, it has become difficult to track the movement of terrorists when they attempt an infiltration into India.

Smarter terrorists:

Terrorists and their groups have across the world used technology to their advantage. Recently when the Indian security forces nabbed Lashkar-e-Tayiba militant Sajjad Ahmed, they had found that he had paired his mobile device with a radio set. He had said during his questioning that this new method was suggested to him by the Pakistan's ISI.

After pairing the device, he was able to send out messages and also location details. The Indian agencies were unable to track these messages as the signal was not being picked from the mobile tower. Investigations revealed that this had become a secure form of communication. Terrorists were able to communicate in remote areas and also securely without the fear of their location details being detected.

After it had been found that the mobile devices were being paired with very high frequency radio sets, a patch was worked upon. However, the software patch was unable to detect any signal when terrorists were using this new technology. Sources say that they are working on it and will find a fix soon.

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