Titagarh blast: How did the accused carry a bomb without being checked

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Titagarh, Nov 23: The supplementary chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the Titagarh (West Bengal) bomb blast names four habitual drug offenders who had boarded the train in a bid to commit robbery.

The NIA states that the four persons had boarded the train with a bomb and were planning on blasting it before committing the robbery.

Bomb Blast (File Photo)

However, a brave BSF soldier who was on the train tried to fight them but lost his life due to the explosion.

The NIA has named Bhola Chowdhary, Saddam Hossain, Abdul Karim Sheikh and Raja Das alias Atikul Shaikh as the main accused in the case.

The incident relates to the blast that took place at the Titagarh Railway station on a local train running between Sealdah and Krishnanagar on May 12 2015.

Habitual drug offenders named as accused:

The NIA states that these four persons had boarded the train in an attempt to commit a robbery.

They were carrying with them a crude bomb which they planned to detonate in a bid to scare the people. All the four were history sheeters and were habitual drug offenders, the NIA states.

However, on boarding the train they were spotted by a BSF soldier. Single handedly he took the four persons on and during the scuffle the bomb exploded accidentally.

Due to the explosion the BSF soldier lost his life and 14 other passengers were injured.

Further probe underway:

The NIA is likely to go further in this probe. The ease with which these four persons were able to source a bomb and worse take it on the train without being checked will form part of the probe.

NIA officials say that they are investigating the origin of the bomb apart from also finding out how these persons managed to carry the explosive into the train without being detected.

The incident shows very poorly on the security system at the railway station where these four persons had boarded the train.

The accused persons appeared to have an easy walk into the train without being checked by any security personnel. Had they been checked the explosive would have been detected.

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