Time to raise your voice women, 25-year old sets example

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Bengaluru, Oct 6: Remi Rusha Sen was going home from work at around 8:45 pm when she saw a man sitting at the backseat of an auto grabbing her back and pulling down her skirt.

She screamed, but saw the auto speeding toward the Lavelle Road. But she was not someone who took these things down in silence. She followed the pervert in an auto and caught up with the first vehicle about half a kilometer away.

Remi Rusha Sen

As crowd gathered around the victim, supporting her, the man asked for her mercy. Remi, meanwhile called her colleague from office who later came with the Cubbon Park police.

"I called my F&B director, Jolly, and told him what happened. He then called the police and all of them rushed to the spot to help. There was a strong stench of alcohol emanating from the pervert, and he began pleading for mercy claiming he hailed from a good family, and was married with children, but I refused to listen," Sen told Bengaluru Mirror, which carried the story initially.

SEn, then accompanied the police back to the police station and lodged an FIR against the accused. The accused was a former autorickshaw driver-named Ajmal Ahamed A M- whose vehicle had been seized due to irregularities a few months ago.

Thanking the police for their proactiveness, Sen (a resident of Kolkata), said,"The police were very cooperative and encouraging of my actions. They said most victims of eve-teasing did not stand up for themselves, whereas apprehending the pervert and filing a complaint would send out a strong message. Police are also collecting CCTV footage from the camera installed at the exit gate of UB City as evidence; and the pervert was produced in front of a magistrate on Thursday and sent to prison."

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central), Sandeep Patil said," The victim showed great presence of mind in chasing him, and the accused was arrested immediately."

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