Is it time to send back the Pakistan high commissioner?

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New Delhi, Aug 21: The former external affairs minister, Yashwanth Sinha has said that the Pakistan High Commissioner in India should be declared persona non grata or PNG.

Should the Indian government declare the Paksitan High Commissioner PNG or not is an interesting topic to debate.


The Pakistan High Commissioner has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and one may say that he keeps adding to the problem between India and Pakistan rather than trying to sort it out.

He has been discouraging to the peace process between the two countries and the Indian government will be well within its right to declare him persona non grata.

Persona non grata explained:

Persona non grata is an expression that is used for a diplomat who is not welcome to the host government any longer. A decision to declare a person PNG can be taken if it is found that the diplomat is making statements against the host government.

A decision to declare a diplomat PNG can also be made if he is found to be meddling with domestic affairs of the host nation.

In Latin where this phrase originates from, declaring a diplomat PNG would mean that he is unacceptable to the state he is being hosted by. Once a diplomat is declared PNG, then the sending state must recall the official or terminate his functions.

In case the sending state fails to comply, then the host state can refuse to recognize the officer as a member of the mission.

India has enough grounds to declare Pakistan High Commissioner PNG:

The Indian state has enough and more grounds to declare the Pakistan's High Commissioner as a PNG.His unwarranted actions on the Kashmir issue amounts to interference in domestic matters. Kashmir is a part and parcel of India and hence its affairs are considered to be domestic affairs of India.

The Pakistan High Commissioner in the recent past has meddled with the affairs of Kashmir by extending his hand of support to the separatists who work contrary to the interests of India.

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