Time for India to stand tall, says PM Narendra Modi in response to President's address

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New Delhi, June 11: In his first address in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday responded in the Lok Sabha, to the questions raised by the President Pranb Mukherjee in his address on Monday.

While beginning his speech in Lok Sabha, PM Modi said, "I assure you that we will fulfill the promises made by the President in the speech, it was not a mere formality. We will leave no stone unturned to fulfil the roadmap shown by the President."

"After many years, people voted for stability, development and good governance", PM Modi said.

"Till voting happened we were candidates. Now after entering Parliament we are the hope of the people", he said.

On India's democratic power, Modi said, "India is known as a big and vibrant democracy in the world. We have shown world the strength of democracy."

While giving strength to poor people, Modi said, "Who is the Government for? Is it only for a select few? No, a government is for the poor. The aim of our work must be to serve the poorest of the poor and to think of their welfare. The rich can afford the best educational and medical facilities in the world, but what will the poor do? We have to ensure that the poor comes out of poverty. The biggest power to fight poverty is education. We have to rid the poor of superstition and blind faith."

On rural development, Modi said, "In the President's speech the word 'Rurban' was used- the spirit of the village along with facilities associated with a city. If villages are developed and provided 24 hours power, good education and industries then no one will leave them. We should concentrate on agro-based industries."

On North eastern states, PM gave the example of Sikkim's development. He said, "Sikkim is a very small state but soon it will become an organic state, world is a market for organic goods, we must promote north-east."

On health and technology, PM asserted, "We gave soil health cards to farmers in Gujarat, can't we implement that in the rest of the country? We can change a lot of things with little steps."

"The faster we implement technology in agriculture, the better it will be for us, there has been no research on pulses for years", he said.

On rising prices and high inflation, PM said, "We will do everything to reduce prices. This is not a poll promise. We want no single person of India to remain hungry".

While recognosing the talent of young Indian citizens, PM said, "We are a young nation, we have to recognize this power. China on the other hand is growing older. Let us recognise our demographic dividend. Our nation is young. The world needs skilled manpower."

On recent political killings, rape cases and Himachal Pradesh's engineering students tragedy, PM said, "Be it Pune murder,or Uttar Pradesh crime cases or Mandi mishap, all are very sad incidents, administration has to be strong."

On rising crime against women, PM said on an emotional note, "It should be our priority to ensure the safety and honour the modesty of women. We have to stop politicizing rape cases, it doesn't suit us. We are playing with the dignity of our women."

While focussing on upgrading skills, PM said, "Our image has become of 'Scam India', we have to change this to 'Skill India'. Only a graduation certificate is not enough. We need skills. We need to concentrate on skill development, can't we export teachers?"

While remembering the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters and their struggle, PM said, "Mahatma Gandhi made the freedom struggle a mass movement. The same way we must make development a mass movement. It's our responsibility that we learn something from Mahatma Gandhi ji and learn his teachings. Just like Mahatma Gandhi made every Indian feel that he/she was working for freedom movement, the same way, now development should be desh seva (dedication to the country). We should plan from today how we will celebrate Mahatma Gandhi ji's 150th birth anniversary after 5 years."

On development agenda, PM said, "If our people can unite for a cricket match, then why can't they do it for development? In 2022, we will complete 75 years of independence, can we achieve that every house has basic facilities?"

While giving a message of taking everyone along, PM Modi said, "We don't want to move ahead only on numbers but on unity and consensus. Victory teaches us humility. With the blessings of our seniors from all the political parties, we will fulfill our work and remain free from arrogance. India's model should be to take from all the good projects in each state of the nation."

PM Modi concluded his speech by saying, "Whatever suggestions we got from parties, I do not consider it as criticism but as a guidance.

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