Things Chhota Rajan did to stay relevant

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New Delhi, Oct 28: The process to bring Chhota Rajan back to India will commence tomorrow with a team of the Central Bureau of Investigation set to finalise the formalities in Indonesia.

While the formalities are likely to be completed in a day or two, there is still confusion over where Rajan would be taken to in India.


While all his cases are related to Mumbai, it is most likely he will be taken to that city and placed in a high security jail cell.

While these are mere formalities, the bigger question is what can we expect from Rajan considering that he had declining clout since 2011.

Rajan had made several attempts to remain relevant:

Rajan who was considered to be an asset to the Indian Intelligence Bureau had however started losing his touch since 2011.

Most of the information that he was giving out were not correct and he had made several attempts to stay relevant. Rajan was in the midst of his own problems and his fight with the D-Gang had led to him losing several of his members.

With most of his aides becoming vulnerable to either elimination of defection, Rajan was fighting a battle of sorts to stay relevant.

He had positioned himself as the patriotic don and had provided some very relevant information in the past.

The killings of Sharad Shetty, Dawood's right hand man in Dubai was probably one his biggest successes.

However, this was way back in 2005. Following the killing of Shetty, the D gang went in over drive to fight Rajan and began eliminating several of his men. Most of his aides too had turned hostile and Rajan was running out of men.

The Yasin Bhatkal claim:

In the year 2011 when the Indian security agencies were desperately looking out for Yasin Bhatkal, Rajan had made a claim that he had killed him.

There are two versions to this story. While one version suggests that Rajan had lied about it, the other states that he was fooled into believing that Yasin was shot dead.

Yasin Bhatkal the Indian Mujahideen chief had become India's biggest headache. With blasts being triggered off every now and then, India has become extremely unsafe and the security agencies wanted Yasin dead or alive.

This is when the news about Yasin being shot in Karachi surfaced with Rajan claiming credit for the same.

A photograph of a bullet ridden Yasin Bhatkal lying in a hospital at Karachi was circulated and Rajan claimed that it was at his insistence that the shooting had taken place.

However Intelligence Agencies did not believe the news. The IB was aware that Yasin had visited Karachi just once in 2006 and after that he shuttled between India and Nepal.

Later it came to light that Rajan had paid a man several lakhs of rupees for the photograph which ultimately turned out to be morphed.

It is still not clear whether Rajan had paid for the morphed picture or had coughed up to have a picture morphed.

Following this Rajan remained largely out of favour and all the information that he was handing out were turning out to be untrue.

Many intelligence officials too took the information Rajan was handing out with a pinch of salt. The information relating to Dawood too was not very forthcoming and he basically was repeating information which the intelligence already knew.

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