The don's men who hurt India's economy

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New Delhi, Jan 1:  One of the biggest challenges that the security establishment in India faces is fighting the fake currency racket.

It is common knowledge that the fake currency racket is one of Pakistan's way of damaging the Indian economy and various probes conducted in this regard suggests that the ISI actively nurtures members of the D-Gang to further this racket.

The don's men who hurt India's economy

There are a couple of key persons who control this racket and ensure that the fake currency somehow finds its way into India. The man at the helm of this racket is Dawood's henchman Malik Bhai alias Iqbal Kana. He oversees the entire racket from Lahore.

The men behind the racket:
Malik Bhai runs a cloth and cosmetic store in Lahore. Both these are businesses aimed at hoodwinking the police. While his cosmetic store is at Shalimar Gate in Lahore, the cloth store is at Punjab block, Azam Cloth Market. The job assigned to Malik Bhai is to oversee the printing of the fake currency and ensure that it is sent out of Pakistan.

Malik Bhai relies on the services of a person called Syed Mohammad. He is an important person who had set up the fake currency route into India via Nepal. He was working in the Pakistan's High Commission in Kathmandu and used his official clout to ensure that the racket went on unabated.

Today Syed Mohammad is based in Dubai. He had to leave Kathmandu after his cover was blown.
There are two major routes that have been created to move fake currency into India.

While one is the Nepal route the other is through Bangladesh. The Bangladesh route is handled by Aslam alias Taimoor. He is the one who takes the fake currency out of Pakistan and then moves it into Bangladesh with the help of his boys.

His gang includes Irshad, Hanif Musa, Aslam Shera and Fazlur Rehman. These persons would in turn coordinate with Suleman Majumdar in Bangladesh and from here the fake currency is moved into West Bengal.

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