The curious case of @shammiwitness: One year on, no trial as yet

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Bengaluru, Dec 15: It has been a year and two days since Mehdi Masroor Biswas alias @shammiwitness was arrested. While the Bengaluru police patted their back following the arrest of Biswas who was an alleged ISIS sympathiser or fanboy, the harsh reality of this case is that the trial is yet to commence.

While an important formality such as appointing a special prosecutor is not yet complete, there are other factors such as details of his email accounts which remain incomplete where the investigation is concerned.

The curious case of @shammiwitness

OneIndia had reported that (@shammiwitness case becomes weak as cops await Google response) the police are yet to get the details of his email accounts and despite writing to Google a year back, the details have not yet been shared.

Are the cops confident?

This is a case that involves plenty of digital evidence. It is a well known fact that fighting a case that involves digital evidence is not exactly the forte of several officers in India.

Several cases have fallen flat due to want of evidence and in many cases service providers have been less than cooperative except when it involves a case in the United States of America.

Where Biswas is concerned, there is a lot of effort that the police have put in. They have filed a chargesheet running into 36,986 pages. The details of 855 conversations have been listed apart from 1,22,000 messages that he had allegedly sent on twitter. Despite such voluminous documents, the police still feel that an additional chargesheet needs to be filed in this case.

The need for an additional chargesheet is because the police feel that there could be more content relating to the ISIS on his email accounts, the details of which the police await to this day.

Legal experts say that the prosecution in such cases is very difficult. The case details need to be thorough and the prosecution would have to prove that he was indeed propagating on behalf of the ISIS. The reason the experts say this is because, it would need to be proven whether forwarding messages on an open platform mandates a prosecution.

The police investigating this case say that they have done their job and have even intimated the law department of Karnataka about it.

The law department on the other hand says that a prosecutor would be appointed soon following which this high profile trial could commence.

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