The convenient truth the likes of Kanhaiya will not read

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New Delhi, March 7: In the past two decades, naxalites who are hailed by many at the JNU as martyrs have killed over 12,000 people. 9,471 were civilians and 2,712 central and state security force personnel as per data available with the ministry for home affairs.

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For the naxals there is no cause remaining today and this is clear in the large number of civilians they have killed.

JNU row: The convenient truth of naxals

The only cause as of today for naxals is survival. They end up killing civilians who threaten to leak information about their movements.

Moreover in the recent past one has also got witness naxalites taking civilians into their fold to use them as human shields.

Clearly one does not see the Indian army doing this. In fact the Indian army braved stones to save the people of Jammu and Kashmir during the floods.

The naxal menace continues to thrive because a large number of ill informed people romanticising them. These naxals have their students unions set up at universities who continue to romanticise the cause and this has been a major stumbling block for the security agencies who battle naxals on the field.

Statistics suggest naxals are not martyrs!
According to the statistics available, 468 people were killed by Naxals in 1993, 376 in 1994, 396 in 1995, 541 in 1996, 583 in 1997, 489 in 1998, 595 in 1999, 548 in 2000, 564 in 2001, 481 in 2002 and 515 in 2003, 565 in 2004, 659 in 2005, 678 in 2006, 691 in 2007, 717 in 2008, 908 in 2009 and 1,005 during 2010.

In 2011 608 people were killed 415 in 2012 and 381 in 2014.

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These statistics are grim in nature and the Indian government has been battling hard along with the affected states to get a grip over the problem. Officials tell OneIndia that the local support that the naxals used to enjoy is dwindling today and this is what has resulted in the large number of civilian deaths. Naxals ambush civilians with an intention of creating fear.

For the security officials battling the naxals there were two major issues on hand. While one of the romanticism of the naxals by a group of people the other was the local support. However today there is not much of local support and hence the naxals always try to instil fear into the minds of the civilians by resorting to violent methods, officials also point out.

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