Telangana Election Results: What if it's a hung assembly

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Hyderabad, April 30: This Lok Sabha and assembly elections are very crucial for Andhra Pradesh as the state casts its votes unitedly for the last time. Now, when the state cast its vote for the first time on Wednesday, April 30, many started questioning -- what will happen if no political party gets the magic number of 60 in Telangana?

According to sources, Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and Congress may form the government if the state faces a hung assembly. Despite differences between TRS chief K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) and Congress leaders, it has been reported that the two parties have begun exploring various avenues of together forming the first government in the new state.

According to experts, whichever political party emerges as the single largest party, it still will fall short of the magic number of 60 to form the government on its own. Hence, Congress and TRS may form the government to avoid unnecessary difficulties from other parties.

Congress and TRS may form the government to avoid unnecessary difficulties

One Telangana official was quoted as saying, "...we are of the view that in the event of a hung Assembly, a coalition with the Congress would ensure a stable government in Telangana that can last for five years without being shaky at any time."

KCR too recently praised Congress President Sonia Gandhi saying, "At least, he had the decency to acknowledge the truth. At this juncture, no talk has been initiated between the two parties. But I am confident that we would come together in the interest of the development of the new state."

In the previous election in 2009, out of the 65 seats in south Telangana, the TRS got less than 10 seats.

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