Tehelka case: Shoma Chaudhury bails out, resigns

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Shoma Chaudhury
New Delhi, Nov 28: Another one bails out from Tehelka, but this is no Tom, Dick and Harry, but the Managing Editor herself-Shoma Choudhury. Sources said that in a mail early in the morning today, she communicated via an E-mail saying that she is resigning.

Citing questions raised at her integrity as the reason for her resignation, Shoma said that she did whatever she could after her colleague complained her about the incident. The E-mail was sent out at 6 am, which stated that "this has been a damaging time for all associated with Tehelka".

" To my mind, I acted on instant outrage and solidarity for our colleague as a woman and co-worker.

After the first steps to immediately address her expressed needs, the process of setting up the anti-sexual harassment committee was begun. There were only two days to act on the complaint before the story broke in the press. Post this, things have been misconstrued and have snowballed exponentially in the media, based on half-facts and selective leaks," she further added.

Justifying her position as one of the leads of the organization and as a female co-worker, she rejected all allegations of a cover-up saying:

"While I accept that I could have done many things differently and in a more measured way, I reject the allegations of a cover-up because in no way could the first actions that were taken be deemed suppression of any kind. As for my feminist positions, I believe I acted in consonance with them by giving my colleague's account precedence over everything else."

Chaudhury said that she would follow the normal exit procedures at office and do the necessary handovers. " It has never been a part of me to give up midway through a challenge. I would have liked to continue at Tehelka to see us through this dark time, but I am no longer sure whether my presence is harming or helping Tehelka," Chaudhury said.

Shoma was alleged to have framed a cover-up in the sexual assault case against Tarun Tejpal (the ex-Editor-in-Chief of the magazine) in the form of an internal committee.

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