Islam, children and Terrorism: Taslima Nasreen lands in another controversy

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Bengaluru, Sept 22: Taslima Nasreen once again landed in a controversy. Her latest tweet on micro-blogging site Twitter created flak for herself.

This time, the controversial exiled Bangladeshi writer said that Muslim children are trained to belt a bomb and blow themselves up and young Muslim boys do plant bombs.

[Taslima Nasreen relocated to US after death threats from Islamist radicals]

Taslima Nasreen

She said, In Islam, kids are trained to belt a bomb and blow themselves up, (therefore) such suspicion was obvious." In her latest controversial statement to a newspaper, Taslima Nasreen also added, "They (Chechen brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev) were also nice people who were brainwashed by followers of Islam."

She was also quoted as saying, "It is true that white American kids carry firearms and are involved in massacres. But those kids are on their own...they are not brainwashed by Christianity. But the kids in Islam are brainwashed in the name of Islam by Boko Haram or ISIS - that is the difference."

In her another tweet, Taslima Nasreen wrote, "Look at this.Muslim boy made it.I'll be scared.U'll be scared too.Now u say u won't be coz u know now it's not a bomb."

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The writer was speaking about the recent infamous incident in which a Muslim young boy was arrested as he had brought self-made clock to school. However, he was released later and was praised by US President Barack Obama and many other celebrities including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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