Tamil Nadu voters want governance not freebies

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Chennai, May 7: Political parties in Tamil Nadu have been liberal in doling out freebies ahead of the elections in a bid to attract the voters. The freebie mania is such that one Delhi based journalist remarked on Twitter that the people do not have to work as everything is free in the state now.

However do the people really want freebies? An extensive survey that was conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms in every constituency suggests that the people would rather chose good governance over freebies. The survey involved 16,000 people from each constituency in the state.

TN voters want governance not freebies

Give us governance not freebies

During the survey a majority of the people in Tamil Nadu said that they were not interested in the freebies. Give us good governance instead they said. Speak about good governance and no politician wants to talk about it. All they talk about is freebies, the survey also discovered.

Further the voters also said that the only agenda of every political party is to defeat the other. Their goal is achieved by doing so and hence the freebies are so high. If anyone asks for good governance then they are bound to be disappointed, the voters also said.

The voters in the urban areas have spoken about bettering the traffic situation and also the pollution problem. The rural voters have however pointed out that their prime concern remains the disbursal of loans.

They say that the government has failed on this front. Instead of giving out freebies the government should focus on these problems. This is our right and the government must address this problem the voters have said.

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