#TalkToAK: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal holds live interaction with public

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New Delhi, July 17: Moving ahead from the format of speeches, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal got into an interactive mode wth the common man on Sunday, July 17, titled 'Talk to AK', where people from across the country asked him queries via phone calls, text messages and on social media.

Those interested in interacting with Kejriwal can call him at 01123392999 or they can SMS their queries at +91 8130344141.

talk to ak

The Delhi government has launched a dedicated website--www.talktoak.com--through which people can directly ask questions to him.

Here are the Highlights of what Kejriwal said during his inaugural interactive session "Talk To AK":

Kejriwal is accompanied by Delhi's Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and Bollywood singer Vishal Dadlani, during his live interaction with public.

- The central government wanted to paralyse the Delhi government to stall the development of Delhi. But I want to assure everyone that we will continue to work and hire experts from outside if officers are not provided by the central government.

- Eleven officers were transferred from Delhi recently. Out of 39 posts, 20 are lying vacant in Delhi. Even from my office, an officer was transferred without informing me. An officer can't be transferred from the CM's office without consulting him.

- We have done lots of work in Delhi in the last one and a half years. We would have done four times more if the central government had not created obstacles for us.

- The party would hold a meeting in Gujarat in the next two or three months to decide its next move in the state.

- The party does not contest polls. It's the people of the state who fight it. Even in Delhi, the people spent (their own) money to bring us to power. Similarly, if people of Gujarat want us to contest, we will fight assembly elections in the state.

- We have worked on various things but our main priority is on four sectors -- education, health, electricity and water. We believe that spending on health and education is not an expenditure but an investment.

- When our youth is educated, the government would not have to worry about development, the youth will themselves develop the country. Therefore, we doubled the budget on education by 100 per cent and health by 50 per cent,

- My government's priority is on four sectors -- education, health, electricity and water.

- We saved hundreds of crore and as a result we slashed the tax rates. Another good thing that happened was that tax collection went up after we reduced the tax rates.

- "There were some under construction flyovers in Delhi when we took over. We completed those projects before schedule and saved over Rs 350 crore. This was unprecedented. In our country, every government project is delayed by years. But we changed all of it."

- Teachers and Principals in Govt Schools in Delhi are being made accountable and motivated.

- Talking of Sports Education, @msisodia 's philosophy is that everyone should be able to pursue the degree of their choice -

- There were so much of enthusiam and energy in the people of Gujarat when they saw us.

- The fact that filing an FIR is impossible for the common man but the Central Govt rains FIR's on us is evident of vendetta.

- Commando Surinder, AAP MLA from Delhi Cantt joins Talk to AK live interactive programme.

-The first time independence, a government has invested so much in education, water and toilets.

-We are not playing the victim card but Delhi is a victim of the narrow politics of the Central Govt.

-Pooja, a reisdent of Chandigarh calls Kejriwal and asks him to overhaul education system in Punjab and wishes him luck to come to power in Punjab assembly polls next year.

-We can ask the people of Delhi if they want Statehood for Delhi , a poll on the referendum is a good idea.

-Kejriwal takes up question from Sanjeev, a resident of Kerala, who questions him on Delhi Police should be under ambit of Centre or Delhi government.

-BJP-controlled MCD has made a mess of Delhi's cleanliness. We will clean up Delhi together.

-Kejriwal take up question from a citizen from Hyderabad on how to make Delhi a clean city.

- MLAs had to be appointed as parliamentary secretaries so that authenticity could be given to them to work.

- We need to tell the whole country, the whole world how good Delhi is performing.

-Rs 75 crore spent on advertising.

-Good work going in Bengaluru, in terms of mid-day meal, called "akshay patra".

-Kejriwal takes up first question from Pulkit, a resident of Delhi. Vishal Dadlani reads the question asked by Pulkit.

-I invite you to see our development work, it is there for the public to se.

-Officers who were working diligently have either been transferred or removed from duty by the Centre Govt.

- I am fighting for the people, not just for myself.

- Access to quality health services is a fundamental right.

- "Don't mess around with the youth of this country".

The programme lasted for two hours depending on the number of people and questions. Kejriwal addressed major issues like corruption and inflation through this platform and by connecting with people.

This move holds importance as the AAP is gearing up for assembly elections in Goa, Punjab and Gujarat.

Watch live streaming of Talk To AK here, where Kejriwal is also highlighting its performance in Delhi.

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