'Taliban will not come back in Afghanistan'

Written by: IANS
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New Delhi, Feb 27: The Taliban will not be able to make a comeback in Afghanistan, Sima Samar, the war-torn country's human rights commissioner, asserted Thursday.

Interacting with the media at the Indian Women's Press Corps here, Samar said the educated youths of the country do not want to lose their freedom and do not want the Taliban back in Afghanistan.

"We are sure Taliban will not come back to power in Afghanistan. Nearly 10,000 Afghan students are getting educated in India. The youth does not want to lose its freedom," Samar said.

However, she added that while the Taliban was away from power, the "brothers of Taliban" were present in the national assembly of Afghanistan.

The war-torn country, which was freed from the clutches of Taliban rule in 2001, will witness presidential election scheduled to be held April 5 this year.

"Preparations for the election are much better than last time. If free and fair election are too much in this part of the world, we expect it to be a credible one at least," Samar said.

Talking about the withdrawal of the NATO forces from the country, Samar said it was going to have an effect on the economy as many people worked for the security forces to earn a living.

She said that while reconciliation with the Taliban was a good idea, no one knows with whom the talks should be held.

"Every one is talking with the Taliban, but the talks are not organised. No one knows to whom should we talk," she said.

Sima Samar is a women and human rights advocate, activist and a social worker with national and international forums, who served as the minister of women's affairs of Afghanistan from December 2001 to 2003.

She is currently chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission.


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