Mumbai: Breather for Mumbaikars, Metropolis Healthcare announces price slash for Swine Flu testing

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Mumbai, Feb 25: Death toll over swine flu is increasing day by day across the country and Mumbai is among one of those metro cities which have been effected by the H1N1 virus.

People are aware of H1N1 virus but the rates of testing for H1N1 have gone up steeply. While some labs are charging Rs 5,000, others are charging upto Rs 8,000.

Swine Flu

The cost of treatment, too, is not cheap since a strip of ten 75mg tablets of oseltamivir costs about Rs 450.

Now, Metropolis Healthcare has come up with an offer which may help many. According to the offer, swine Flu test now can be done at Rs 4,000.

Only few select labs in India are authorized to carry out the Swine Flu test in the laboratory, as this requires specialized testing backed by high end technology and special sample collection requirements.

Metropolis Healthcare is authorized to conduct swine flu testing,complying with all requirements of state government.

Swine Flu is caused by one or several types of influenza virus strains. The disease is contagious and spreads through person to person or if a person comes in contact with an infected surface and thereafter touch their nose or mouth.

Symptoms of Swine Flu and Seasonal flu are similar and hence it is imperative to seek medical advice. Your doctor is the best person to guide you on testing requirements and medication.

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