'Swaraj Samwad': Know 'plan next' of AAP's dissident group

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New Delhi, April 15: Amid the report that rebel leaders of Aam Aadmi party will form a new outfit, Yogendra Yadav and his team members met on Tuesday.

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It was being said that after roughened up by Arvind kejriwal and his loyalists, they(Yogendra and co) will leave the party.

'Swaraj Samwad': What all was decided

But it didn't happened, instead the dissidents group decided that by remaining in the party they will force top leadership to thread on the line with which party was started .

Here is crux of what all happened in convention, 'Swaraj Samwad'

  • Decision of forming new political outfit was dropped for the time being.
  • It was decided that dissident camp may take a call on the issue after six months.
  • They decided that the group will undertake a country-wide campaign to muster support of people regarding the same.
  • A resolution was passed to set up the new group -- Swaraj Abhiyan.
  • The aim of the 'Swaraj Abhiyan' will be to establish the concept of real "swaraj" and work for strengthening "alternative politics"
  • Voting was conducted among the volunteers to decide about the future course of action. Around 69 of those present opposed leaving AAP and forming a new outfit
  • Prashant bhushan lashed out at Arvind kejriwal saying he was intolerent of dissenting opinions which resulted in rift in the party. 
  • "Those who raised questions were expelled from top party posts. Today I heard that we may be expelled for organising this convention. The message from the top is if you raise voice against the party you will be expelled," he said at the convention.
  • Hinting that a crackdown was imminent on rebels, AAP leader Ashutosh said the party will "soon" sit down to discuss the developments at the dissident-led convention and take an "appropriate" decision in this regard.

Why new outfit not announced

Apparently reason could be that forming new outfit at this juncture may give out wrong message to core supporters of the party. The AAP supporters may terms the decision of going away as 'self centric approach'.

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Meanwhile party has decided to take a strong action against all of them who attended the meeting on Tuesday. The party has called a PAC meeting where top leadership may take action against party workers who shared dais with Yogendra, Bhushan on Tuesday.

When internal infighting gave Arvind Kejriwal a sleepless night

The bitter infighting in AAP that had come to fore after the Assembly polls saw expulsion of founding member Bhushan and party ideologue Yadav from its top decision-making bodies.

A number of AAP functionaries including party's Patiala MP Dharamvira Gandhi and prominent individuals includingMedha Patkar, Aruna Roy and Admiral L Ramdas, who had expressed solidarity with the rebel group, stayed away from the meet. 

Yadav in his speech said that "attendance" at the meet was indicative of the fact that problems with the party were not only of one or two people. "Principled workers of the party do not agree on happenings in the AAP...the biggest challenge is to prevent hope from being broken," he said.
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