Sushma Swaraj has changed the rules of secrecy regarding leaders' health

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New Delhi, Nov 18 Sushma Swaraj, the minister for external affairs has set a new bench mark. "I am in AIIMS because of kidney failure. Presently I am on dialysis. I am undergoing tests for a kidney transplant. Lord Krishna will bless," she tweeted.

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The nation is praying for her recovery and already offers have been made by man by people who say that they are ready to donate their kidney to the minister. The tweet by Sushma can be summed up in one sentence. Sushma, probably is the first leader to come out in the open and tell the people about her health status.

Sushma has changed the rules:

Leaders often tend to conceal their health status. Many leaders who have health issues chose to remain secretive about their health for a host of reasons. Some do not want their followers to realise that they have health issues. Others chose to keep it a secret for as long as possible only to make sure that a succession battle does not break out.

There are others too who have risen to the status of a demi God and would chose to keep it that way. They want their followers to think that nothing can go wrong with them. They fear if the demi God status wears out the people may not chose them during the elections.

Over the past couple of months, the people have wanted to known about the health issues about various leaders. The responses have been guarded. At times there is no absolutely no information about the leader's health. What the people get are some routine releases from hospitals or a common statement from a spokesperson. There are also cases where the entire issue is blacked out and the information successfully blocked.

When Sushma Swaraj was admitted at AIIMS, Delhi, it was being decided whether or not to issue a press release. However the minister decided to speak out herself on her twitter account. The hospital felt that there was no point in releasing any update since the minister herself had done it.

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