Survey: Rural India, youth prefer BJP over UPA

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New Delhi, April 3: A new poll survey finds that there is a strong anti-UPA wave in the nation, which may help BJP sweep the upcoming general elections.

Indians are disgruntled about the state of their nation, deeply worried about a range of problems facing their society and supportive of a new leadership in New Delhi, says the survey conducted by Pew Research Centre.

On America, China and Pakistan

Indians are divided in their opinions about two of the world's superpowers: US and China. However, Indians have a more favorable view of the U.S (56%) than of China (35%).

Indians worry about Pakistan too and would like to see Indo-Pakistani relations improve.Seven-in-ten (71%) have an unfavorable view of Pakistan. And roughly nine-in-ten Indians think Pakistan is a serious threat to their country. Nearly two-thirds (64%) say that it is important to improve relations with Islamabad.

Rural India prefers BJP

Despite Congress' attempts to woo rural poor by introducing various schemes like NREGA, rural Indians prefer the BJP. More than three-to-one (64% to 18%) rural Indians favor the BJP.

Youngsters favor BJP

For young Indians, curbing corruption, creating jobs and boosting economic development matter more than anything else. Nearly three-to-one Indians aged between 18 and 29 support BJP.

India in wrong direction

More than two-to-one Indians think India is headed in the wrong direction, says the survey. But a majority (57%) say the economy is good, despite slow growth. Six-in-ten (62%) expect the economy to improve in the next 12 months. And 64% think today's children will be better off as adults than the current generation.

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